Santa Cruz CJC


Membership of the CJC includes the following:

  1. Two (2) members of the Board of Supervisors designated by the Board;
  2. The CAO of the County or his/her designated representative;
  3. The Sheriff of the County;
  4. Four (4) Chiefs of Police; one for each City;
  5. The District Attorney of the County;
  6. The Chief of Probation Officer of the County;
  7. Two (2) representatives of the Courts – appointed by the Presiding Judge
  8. One (1) member selected by the primary Public Defender’s Office;
  9. The County Superintendent of Schools;
  10. The Mental Health Director
  11. Two (2) representatives selected by the City Council of each City. One representative must be a member of the City Council; the other may be a member of the City Council, the City Manager, or the person who acts as the City Manager in the City Manager’s absence;
  12. Two (2) representatives of non-profit agencies related to the criminal justice system selected by the Council; and
  13. The President of Cabrillo College